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  • Release Date1939
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Ganesh kaka was the Village Chief. He was respected and regarded not only by the people of his Village but also by those of the neighbouring Villages. He was like an honoured Judge whose duty it was to settle the petty quarrels and little differences of the ignorant village folk. Whenever the villagers were in difficulty they had a habit of approaching Ganesh Kaka for a solution, and Ganesh Kaka was never known to send them disappointed, 

Kusum was Ganesh kaka's widowed daughter. She had a son by name Yogesh. Yogesh was a noble-hearted youth with a sweet demeanor. He was now studying in a College in Bombay. He used to go to his village during vacations. Yogesh eagerly, anticipated every, holiday. He loved to be in the pleasing atmospheric of his native village. He longed to be near his Grandfather and his mother. Above all, there was his sweetheart Sadhana in the village. Sadhana was a sweet and simple maid, the only daughter of a widowed lad named Subhadra. Yogesh and Sadhana were playmates since childhood. When both came of age the seed of love was planted deep in the two young hearts. Once, Kusum had discovered Sadhana's photo in one of the books of Yogesh. She had realized that Yogesh loved Sadhana. 

Yogesh got a telegram that his mother was sick. He came to the village and was shocked to see his mother on the death bed. Kusum called Sadhana to her house and made 

Yogesh and Sadhana to stand together and in the sanctity of. her dying heart visualized them as husband and wife. Kusum died and time passed. Sadhana stayed on in the village and Yogesh returned to the city to continue his studies.

Ramesh was a young and accomplished man, who belonged to the same Village. 
He was the son of a farmer named Kalidas. Ramesh was also studying in college, and his father's resources were almost exhausted in maintaining him in costly life and Kalidas the poor farmer could not meet his son's demands for money. Kalidas could not solve this difficulty himself, and so came to Ganesh Kaka for a solution. Kaka suggested that if Ramesh is married he would settle down and there would be no more demands for money. This was a good idea of Ganesh Kaka, but the question was where to get a suitable bride. Kaka suggested the name of Sadhana, and as was usual in the Village, it fell upon his lot to see that the marriage was put through. When Kaka went round the Village taking consent of Subbadra, Sadhana's mother and others concerned Sadhana naturally thought that arrangements were being made for her marriage with Yogesh. 

Yogesh was unable to suppress his love for Sadhana any longer. He wrote a letter to Ganesh Kaka confessing his love for Sadhana. He also wrote a letter to Sadhana, which reached the hands of Subhadra her mother. Subhadra ran to Ganesh Kaka with that letter. Ganesh Kaka realized that he was responsible for shattering the hopes .of two young hearts. But it was too late. Everybody in the Village now knew that Sadhana was to be married to Ramesh. And then there was the prestige of Ganesh Kaka. He had promised Kalidas that he would see that Sadhana was given in marriage to Ramesh. He did not know then that Sadhana had already given her heart to Yogesh. 

Ganesh Kaka sent a telegram to Yogesh asking him to come up to the Village immediately. Yogesla's joy knew no bounds. He thought the telegram was in reply to the letter he had written to his Grandfather. He rushed to the village. Before he reached, however, Ganesh Kaka hurried to Sadhana to induce her to marry Ramesh. Ramesh was already called by Kalidas to the village and was introduced to Sadhna. Sadhana had told Ramesh, while he attempted to woo her, that she would not even spit on his face. All efforts of Ganesh Kaka proved futile. Sadhana was adamant and declared that she already belonged to Yogesh. Ganesh. Kaka took advantage of his elderly wisdom to win over the innocent girl and asked her if she would marry Ramesh in case Yogesh commanded her to do so. Strongly believing that her Yogesh would never ask her to do such a thing Sadhana consented, 

Ramesh was enamoured by the beauty of Sadhana. Besides, he was insulted by her when he attempted to woo her, and now he was bent upon making her his wife. Karuna, Ramesh's sister was a close friend of Sadhana. She knew of the true love Sadhana had for Yogesh. Karuna knew also that if Ramesh was allowed to marry Sadhana neither of them would be happy. She tried her utmost to dissuade her brother from marrying Sadhana. 

Yogesh arrived in the Village full of joy. But immediately he met Ganesh Kaka, he was utterly disappointed. Kaka asked him to give up Sadhana so that he may maintain his dignity. Kaka's elderly superiority succeeded in inducing Yogesh to make this sacrifice. Yogesh went to Sadhana to ask her to marry Ramesh. Sadhana's heart was pierced with his words. Yet she loved Yogesh so much. that she would do anything for his sake. She said that she Would marry Ramesh provided Yogesh himself gave her hand to Ramesh on the marriage mandap. This was Yogesh's trial. He agreed to do it. While doing so he made up his mind to denounce the whole world. 

The supreme moment—marriage—came. Ramesh was jubilant over his triumph Sadhana was a mere body without a soul. Karuna was moving heaven and earth to prevent the marriage. Ganesh Kaka was outwardly enthusiastic to see through the marriage, but his heart was gradually losing courage. He knew he was doing harm to two innocent souls. Yogesh was mustering up all his courage to go through the ordeal without breaking, and then what happened? See on the Screen!

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