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Sufed Jhooth (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Vinod Thakur an executive in a well established company is married to Anita, They plan a Honeymoon at Kashmir and Vinod promises to take long leave from his office. Vinod meets his boss Mr. Gulati only to be given the good news that he has been promoted deputy general Manager, and in view of expansion programme all staff leave stands cancelled. Vinod is in a dilemma how will he proceed on leave for his honeymoon? 

He finally takes sick leave on a false pretence and proceeds to a short honeymoon to a nearby hill station. As luck would have it, his boss Mr. Gulati also visits the same hill station and stays in the same circuit house. Vinod is in a fix. He cannot come out before hi boss and by another coincidence. Mr. Gulati finds Anita, a girl run-away from her home and staying along in a room under suspicious circumstances. 

Vinod takes help from his local friends to extricate his wife from Mr. Gulati, which leads to further complications. 

How finally Vinod has to run away with his own wife and how he faces the boss back in his office forms the rest of the exciting story.

(From the official press booklet)