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Sair E Paristan (1958)

  • LanguageHindi

This world is a testing place of truth and falsehood. The story of our film Sair-e-Paristan is based on this Self respectful Laka, king of the magic world, had forced his Godship on the God fearing people, who were timid of his royal personality. To worship God was such a crime in that land, the punishment of which was burning alive 

After losing her heart to God fearing prince Kokab, princess Shabnam, daughter of Laka brought him to the palace and being impressed by his character she alongwith her friend Nagma started Godworship. This news is broken to Queen Hairat, who is flared up with rage and gets the three imprisoned. They are ordered to be burnt alive in the court of Laka.

And they are thrown in the fire, but by the grace of Almighty the fire cools down. This enrages Laka all the more. He orders for the imprisonment of Shabnam and Nagma, and for throwing Kokab from the mountain peak. But these God fearing people face all the difficulties with the strength of their faith in God. The tussle between right and wrong, lilting dances and songs, touching scenes are shown to you in Sair-e-Paristan, which please come and see on silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)