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Sampoorna Ramayana (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

Once upon a time Vishwamitra was performing some Yagna. Hewas troubled a lot by the Rakshasas so he went to King. Dashrath for his help. Dashrath asked his -sons to go with Rishi, With Vishwamitra the sons reached Mithila. There Rarna fulfilled a condition of the King of Mithila and-consequently married his daughter Sita happily all returned home. 

Sometime later Dashrath decided to abdicate in favour of his son Rama but his step-mother ill-advised by her maid Manthara raised an obstacle and requested Dashrath to make her own son Bharat the King and asked Rama to go to the woods for fourteen years. To please her and his own father Rama left the palace with his wife Sita and brother Laxman, 
As a result of this Dashrath cried soon after. In the forest Rama came across Shoorpanakha who tried to entice the two brothers in her love trap but failed to achieve her object.

Laxman on the contrary cut off her nose to belittle her. She went back to her brother Ravan who wild with vengeance, abducted Site and took her to his kingdom. Rama went in search of his wife and with the help of Hanuman and his colleagues attacked Ravan. Ravan was killed in the battle and Sita was brought home. They returned to Ayodhya and Rama became the King. 

A washerman criticised Ram because he accepted a wife who had stayed in another man's place for a long time. As Rama believed in remaning above such criticism he asked Laxman to take Sita to a distance and leave her there. Accordingly Sita was exiled. In her separation from Rama she stayed in the hutments of Valmiki where she gave birth to two sons Lava and Kusha. The King Rama now decided to perform a Yagna for which a horse was let free, the two boys captured the horse and Ram had to go fighting them.

There he came to know that the two boys were his sons. Even then Sita could not come back since she was a target of criticism by his subjects. Sita, therefore requested Mother Earth to take her in her custody and disappeared from the face of the earth.

(From the official press booklet)