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Savera (1958)

  • LanguageHindi

As the darkest cloud is said to have a silver lining, so to the darkest part of everyman's life must come a dawn. For Kundan, erstwhile medical student turned hardened criminal, any such dawn would seem nothing more than a myth. Life had been particularly cruel towards him. He had been rusticated from medical college for an offense he knew nothing about. Society had no place for him after that, and a path of crime and revenge seemed the only way out, 

When least expected, fate has a queer way of jerking one back to the forgotten past. In Kundan's case, Fate chose Shanti, now his kidnapped victim held for ransom, yet his constant companion and childhood playmate of long ago. Though did not know it, Shanti's coming back into his life brought dawn a few steps nearer. 

Events moved rapidly to culminate in Kundan's impersonation of Swami Poorananda. Kundan's enforced stay at an Ashram, amidst an atmosphere of peace and tranquility so foreign to his nature whilst a charge of murder awaited him, revealed the many hues of human nature, so enchanting to experience yet so very difficult to comprehend. Would Kundan step bravely forward towards a new dawn, hand in hand with Shanti? Or would the darkest of nights swallow up Kundan for ever?

For all the answers you must see "Savera", a new dawn in Indian films.

(From the official press booklet)