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Shankar Dada (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

Amarsingh an honest Police Officer diligent, hardworking, dutiful and devotee of nation leads a happy life with his loving wife Shanta and twin sons Ram & Shankar. 

Babu Dada an antinational, antisocial, criminal wants to buy Amarsingh the honest police officer, who defies and is trapped in a murder case. Innocent Amarsingh is sentenced for life imprisonment. 

The family of Amarsingh is scattered. All three are separated. Wife Shanta becomes Half-mad. Ram becomes a Police Officer and Shankar becomes a criminal. 

Amarsing after serving his term in jail, comes out as a Efferent person in disguise of dacoit Lakhansingh and takes a vow to un-earth all the antinational activities of Babu Dada alaisBabuBhai. He succeeds in his mission, How? 

I. G. Praises Amarsingh's honest and dutiful role and recommends government to reopen his case and re-instate him as police officer. Amarsingh gets re-instatement or not? 

Ram &Shanker could meet together again or not? 

What happened to Amarsing's wife Shanta? 

The answer to all this is SHANKER DADA, A movie marvel magnificently produced by S. K. Kapur in a most thrilling & entertaining way. 

We promise you once again to give you a complete entertainer and ONLY ENTERTAINER. "SHANKAR DADA".

(From the official press booklet)