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Shankar Khan (1966)

  • LanguageHindi

The call for prayers was struck. UstadSafdarkhan raised his head from prayers (Sajda) and prayed for the success of his disciple Shere-Hind Birju, who had gone to London for the title of World Championship. 

Safdarkhan had come to Bombay and was staying with his friend of childhood LalaGirdharilal, with the hope that he will take Birju back to the village with great pomp and show after his success in World Championship. But the defeated Birju instead of returning to LalaGirdharilal's house was busy in enjoyment with the Society Girl, Nita, in a palatial hotel. When Safdarkhan came to know that Birju did not lose the competition but for money, he was mad with rage. Safdar went out in search of a new disciple after giving a fresh challenge to Varma, he came across Shankar. With strenuous efforts and practice of day and night Shankar snatched the title of Shere-Hind from Birju. Shankar started putting in day and night efforts for the title of world championship. At last the hour of trial came. Shankar won. Varma became furious on the success of Shankar. He fired at Shankar in the stadium in the presence of thousands of spectators. 

What happened next, see on the Screen.

(From the official press booklet)