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An infiltrator is air-dropped somewhere near our northern borders. His mission is to locate classified documents of vital importance containing certain information which could be used by the enemy for an imminent invasion against our country. 

Colonel Dharam Veer Singh Pathan, in charge of a unit in a forward area, chances upon the spies; tracks them down and finally liquidates them. Thenceforth the classified documents are kept strictly under the Colonel's guard. The enemies, in order to get hold of the documents next, offers prize money to an Indian gangster, who with the aid of one of his henchmen, Vicky, agrees to complete the mission. 

Vicky had earlier chanced upon Chandni, a gypsy girl who is a striking look-alike of the Colonel's wife Madhu. 

Vicky trains and plants Chandni to impersonate as the Colonel's wife, Madhu. The nefarious exchange takes place at the youth festival where Madhu is a Chief Guest; and where Madhu's younger sister Rashmi is among the award winners.

The story goes on to show Chandni, the imposter, overcoming heavy odds to escape detection while Madhu is held prisoner at a lonely hide out. 

Through a series of events the Colonel suspects and draws strategies with Rashmi. Soon Rashmi and her boyfriend spot Chandni out on their own and follow her to a rendezvous. They learn the real identity, i.e. Chandni is masquerading as Madhu. But before they can raise alarm they get caught and are silenced. 

Now it is left to the Colonel to solve the mystery of his missing wife and the impersonating substitute who in the meanwhile has microfilmed the top secret file and is about to be re-exchanged to her original status. The re-exchange takes place at an unscheduled air strip. This and the further dramatic developments to withhold the strategic information within the country form the climax of the story. To save the honour of the Army and the country, Col. Dharam Veer Singh Pathan takes this up as a personal challenge and commandeers a blow-up operation. He finally emerges victorious in both his personal as well as official capacity.

(From the official press booklet)