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Shikshaa (1979)

  • LanguageHindi

'SHIKSHAA' is the story of modern youth's awakening. The youth is, Vijay Gupta, the only son of the rich Rai Saheb Dwarkadas Gupta and Laxmi Gupta. He was spoiled by the over indulgence and affection showered by his mother.

Thanks to his own irresponsible behaviour and bad company, driving recklessly, his car met with an accident in which one man died and his brother lost his eyes. Unmindful, Vijay drove away. The loyal driver of the family, Kundan took the blame for the accident and went to jail. Vijay's father who was a strict disciplinarian rebuked his son for his carelessness and unforgivable crime. In a huff Vijay left home pledging that he would live his own life and would not divulge to anyone his identity.

And Vijay kept up his pledge. Without any recommendation he got a job as a driver in Kamal Rai's house. By coincidence Kamal Rai happened to be a great friend of Vijay's father and he had a daughter whom he wanted to marry his friend's son Vijay. Though the daughter Madhu found out Vijay's true identity she kept it a secret from everyone. Madhu however fell in love with Vijay.

To atone for his misdeeds Vijav spared nothing to help Kishan who had lost his eyes in the accident and Kishan's widowed sister-in-law. Winning a prize in a car race, he got Kishan's eyes operated though he knew that Kishan would recognise him as the man who caused his brother's death and would take revenge on him.

Vijay confronted Kishan when he got his eye sight back. Enraged Kishan was about to kill him. But when he came to know that it was Vijay who had looked after the bereaved family, Kishan realised his madness and instead of killing, he embraced Vijay forgiving him of his sins.

To atone for his crime Vijay started to go to the police station to give his confession. On his way he met his anxious parents, fiancee Madhu and his loyal driver who had gone to jail for him.

(From the official press booklet)