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Shree Krishna Bhakti (1955)

  • LanguageHindi

This is a story of two of Lord Krishna's Devotees; one a boastful Brahmin and the other a humble Harijan. While Balbhadra Shastri added pomp and spectacle to his prayers, Cheta the Harijan cared the least for outward show.

One day it so happens that Cheta invites a hord of Sadhus to free feed whom Balbhadra Shastri had insulted. Everyone wondered as to how Cheta, who could not provide for two square meals for the family would entertain the Sadhus. To the astonishment and surprise of the whole populace, the Sadhus are fed but foodstuff and stores from Balbhadra Shastri's storerooms disappear.

This miracle enrages the great Shastri while love and respect of the populace increase for Cheta.

 On Janmashtami day the temple is crowded with men, women, and children to celebrate Lord Krishna's birth. Balbhadra's daughter Shanta gives "Prasad" to Seva, Cheta's son. Annoyed of this, Balbhadra, hits Seva who becomes unconscious. No one looks at Cheta who standing in a corner with the unconscious child begging for the "Prasad" when the curtain is removed. 

for Lord's Darshan, everyone is aghast to find the idol missing.

 Stunned at this miracle those present persuade Cheta to invoke Lord's blessings. Cheta in his humble way starts his prayers and Lo. the idol reappears. 

Jealous of Cheta's increasing popularity, Balbhadra Shastri seeks protection from Dharma acharya who puts on test both him and Cheta in which test, Cheta comes out triumphant.

Losing all sense of proportion, Balbhadra Shastri decides to kill Cheta but finds that he has killed his own daughter  Shanta. Blind- with rage and revenge he accuses Cheta of the murder and the judges believing the Shastri, sentence Cheta to death.
Cheta is led to the execution ground. The whole town is there to see the sad end of so humble yet great devotee of Lord Krishna. Cheta faces the executioners with a smile and no sooner he starts his prayers than unthought-of things begin to happen which makes everyone gape with wonder, proving Cheta's innocence and magnanimity of heart.

(From the official press booklet)