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Smuggler (1966)

  • LanguageHindi

"CRIME NEVER PAYS" even the criminals know it but there are some criminals who think they can make crime pay and this is the story of one such criminal and his fate. 

Inspector Rajan is an honest hardworking policeman whose only ambition is to give education to his small child Dinku and send his brother Mohan for further studies abroad.

 He is in charge of a case of a counterfeiter and Smuggler whose gang members are trained to commit suicide rather than fall in the hands of police.

A bribe of rupees one lakh is offered to Rajan but the honest inspector gives this to his chief, but one day when is threatened with the life of his wife and child if he does not let go cases of smuggled counterfeit notes and the inspector wavers in his duty and allows the truck loaded with counterfeit notes to pass. This rouses the suspicion of his chief and he is suspended. 

In return, he is given a big bribe by the gangster which in spite of the pleas of his wife and his brother Mohan he accepts and he is caught by the police taking bribe and is arrested. 

He breaks free from police custody and gradually goes lower and lower from his straight path till he actually joins the gang that he had sworn to capture.

 His brother Mohan tries to bring back the fallen inspector but he is captured by the gang and condemned to death as he recognizes the gang chief and Rajan is named as his brother's executioner. 

What happens now is a screen-smashing drama that carries the story from one thrilling climax to another revealing in the end, Whether he kills his brother? Whether crime succeeds? And also reveals the staggering identity of the arch-criminal known as the 'smuggler'

(From the official press booklet)