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Son Of Hatimtai (1965)

  • Release Date1965
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU/A

On one dark night Shahbaaz the traitor waged a war on a city named Kurtash and captured it, and arrested Shahkurtash (King of Kurtash). Charmed by the beauty of princess Mahrukh he made up his mind to marry her. Nut Mahrukh refused to marry him. Her maid servant sacrificed herself and helped Mahrukh to escape from there. She told her majesty to go and contact with Hatimtai the only man who can kill this rogue and make the country free. Mahrukh disguised and escaped from palace and fort, but no sooner she was out, the soldiers recognized her and followed. Mahrukh being tired and reached in a dark jungle felt asleep.

Next morning when she opened her eyes she found herself surrounded by soldiers. She at once jumped and removed her sword and started facing them. In the meanwhile Farukh and Abu were returning from hunting when they saw this fighting they helped Mahrukh and made soldiers to leave the ground. Mahrukh thanked for their help and inquired about the Hatimtai’s palace. At this very moment Abu was on the point to utter something but Farukh stopped him and then they proceeded towards Hatimtai’s palace.

In Hatimtai’s palace grand arrangements were being made to celebrate the birthday. Here Mahrukh came and one of the secret came to light that Farukh is the “son of Hatimtai”. After the birthday celebration was over she narrated her sad sorrows. When heard her sad tale, he promised to help her. But alas, God turned the whole thing. As Hatimtai was coming down the stairs after praying his one of the foot slipped and he tumbled down and breathed his last. On death bed he made Farukh to promise that he would carry out the promises which he had made to others. To fulfil the father’s last desire Farukh left the palace, but Abu also followed him. They proceeded to Kurtash but as the situation was not good they turned to some unknown place. After prayers they opened their eyes, they found saint in their front who showed the right path to proceed,

        On their way they made an end to her majesty Malikain Noor. Again dashed with Princess Neelofar. Then what happened? How they were escaped from Neelofar’s paws? How Shahbaaz was put to an end?

  What was relation with Neelofar after?

  For all these answers see on the Screen ‘Sunrise Film’



 (From the official press booklet)