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Suhag Sindoor (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

Inscrutable are the ways of nature, learns RATNA after being tossed hither and thither like a leaf in the storm. She is caught in the storm because RATAN, the only son of Seth DAYASHANKER, holding officer's rank in the army, lost her entire future, that was in the shape of a piece of paper bearing her address. Due to this RATAN could not hand over the bag containing money—her entire future—given to RATAN by RAMU the maternal uncle of RATNA. 
Consequences are too disastrous for any body's imagination. DAYASHANKER, inspite of his name turned her a penniless orphan. Her body is crushed but her spirit soared higher and her determination to revenge, sterner. 

Freaky nature relents, takes a sudden turn and RATAN and RATNA are bound in the sacred tie of wedlock secretly and in opposition to his father's plan of marrying him to NALINI, the only daughter of wealthy vakil RAMPRASAD. DAYASHANKER raves, rants and throws the couple out. 

RATAN and RATNA are the happiest couple. RATAN gives a new name of CHANDA to RATNA. And CHANDA becomes an expectant mother. 

DAYASHANKER's wrath is concentrated against his only son and leaves no stone unturned to wreck their happiness. 

In absence of RATAN, DAYASHANKER contrives to reduce RATNA to object penury and subsequently makes her believe that her RATAN is no more to be seen even in dreams. 

NALINI convinces RATAN that CHANDA's last desire was for him to marry her. As a last respect and homage to her last wish he agrees to marry NALINI. 

CHANDA has given birth to a son and shares the shelter with GULABI, a vegetable vendor and RAMU her own maternal uncle. CHANDA does not know that RAMU is her own maternal uncle, nor does RAMU know that CHANDA is no body other than RATNA whom he has been searching for so long and for whose sake he has taken up the life of a rickshaw puller. 

Fate brings her face to face with DAYASHANKER who convinces her that RATAN is disgusted with her and not mar his happiness by her presence. The last ray of hope dies in her. She leaves the son for RATAN and commits suicide by drowning.

But she is saved by Budh Bhikshuks. Here RAMU comes, knows his RATNA and wants to know of the person who has made her life miserable. RATNA refuses to give his name. RAMU later learns that RATNA's husband is RATAN who has failed to deliver his bag and also deserted her. He runs for RATAN's blood. 

RAMPRASAD escapes with NALINI, wealth and RATAN's son. RATAN in search of CHANDA, finds RAMU and RATNA together and suspects them. 

RATAN chases RAMPRASAD. RAMU chases RATAN. RAMU and RATAN are engaged in death duel. 

What happens? Does CHANDA get her RATAN? The screen will answer you better............

(From the official press booklet)