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Suvarna Sundari (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

To the millions of women in India, Suvarna Sundari remains the ideal life of women's duty and devotion to her husband in the midst of tragic trials and tribulations. She preferred earth to heaven and adored her husband as her Supreme Lord, her Universe; her very soul. The love for her husband is the zenith of her sacrifice. 

Jayant, a young and valiant Prince is out-lawed from his kingdom for no fault of his own. On the way he meets three rogues who challenge him to unravel the mystery in a cave. He sets out for this adventurous task and finds there three miraculous articles. But the rogues inflicting fatal injuries to him escape with the articles. 

Fortune favours Jayant and he meets the celestial beauty, Suvarna Sundari, the court dancer of Lord Indra. They both marry by Gandarva rites. Now to Suvarna Sundari, her husband is her very existence and she comes down to earth to meet her mortal lover and to drink the nectar of immortal love. 

But the course of love never runs smooth. On one occasion, when Suvarna Sundari dances before Indra, Jayant plays his magic flute. She finds it impossible to resist the lure of the flute, and soon swoons down. Truth is revealed. Infuriated over this Indra pronounces a curse to the effect that she will become a mortal and fall on earth, be forgotten by her husband and he shall turn stone if she were to touch him. Immediately she falls on earth where she gives birth to a beautiful child. The cruel hand of fate once again strikes against her and separates her from her beloved child. Thrown away from husband and child she is caught in a vicious circle of circumstances. 

What happens to her child? What becomes of Indra's curse? Does she come out of the ordeal triumphantly? 

The emotional episodes of this thrilling story of love and sacrifice, of duty and devotion of pain and pleasure are unfolded on the silver screen with rare dramatic skill.

(From the official press booklet)