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Taaqat (1982)

  • LanguageHindi

Thakur Shakti Singh's main occupation in life was hunting wild animals. The police Commissioner of the area where Thakur Shakti Singh live advised him to join the police force and hunt out Bhawani Singh a famous dacoit who had terrorised the inhabitants of that area for a number of years. 

Thakur Shakti Singh accepted the Challenge and arresting Bhawani Singh became the main mission of his life. 

During one of his hunting expeditions, he met Devi - a simple village girl and madly fell in love with her. By the time he returned home she had become his wife.

Police Commissioner's daughter Ambika who secretly loved Shakti Singh was disheartened. However, she befriended Devi and accepted her fate. 

Shakti Singh's stepmother, however, refused to accept Devi as her step-son's bride. Her son Deepu, brother Popatlal and his son conspired to get rid of Devi by any means available to them. One day when Shakti Singh was away on duty they attempted to rape her, but in their drunken state they failed to carry out their evil plan and themselves became Victims of it. Deepu and two of his friends died in the fire that engulfed the Haveli. Deepu's mother also perished in the fire.

Only PopatLal and his son survived the fire while Devi managed to escape. She is rescued by Bhawani Singh her husband's arch enemy. Later when she returns to her husband he hands her over to the police and she is tried for murdering Deepu and his two friends. PopatLal and his son give evidence against her and Shakti Singh's efforts to save his wife from the clutches of law eventually fail. Once again Bhawani Singh who has accepted Devi as his sister comes to her rescue and she escapes. 

Now she is a confirmed dacoit. till she gives birth to Suraj - Shakti Singh's son and heir

For the rest see Aanandam Art's highly emotional and thrilling saga of love TAAQAT.

(From the official press booklet)