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Tarzan Aur Jalpari (1964)

  • LanguageHindi

It is an universal truth that good and noble persons have to face innumerable difficulties and hardships at the hands of evil persons. Jalpari a divine kiwi hearted damsel was victim of a notorious Magician.
On the other hand, the `Rajmata' of Champanagri full of anxiety was in search of her lost son for the last twenty years and the son was brought up with the animals during this period They gave him love and affection, strength and support and what not. Incidentally one fine day he meets his mother unknowingly, the motherly instincts flare up and she recognises her son. But the villainous motives of the Premier could not Tree them unit. He put many an obstacle in their way, gave poison to the son, made the mother blind and not only this, throws them in the jungle to be eaten up by animals. But nobody can harm him, whom God wants to save. 

The son got a new life with the help of `Jalpari', mother got her eyes and in turn the Jalpari also got rid of a Giant. The villainous Premier was killed, Jalpari became happy, mother got her son and the prince brought up in the jungle and was considered an animal, turned to be a very handsome prince who relieved them all of their griefs.
This is what we have tried to convey through our `JALPARI'.

(From the official press booklet)