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Taxi 555 (1958)

  • GenreDrama
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3751.47 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-25673-MUM
  • Certificate Date20/10/1958
  • Shooting LocationPrakash Studios

Murari, taxi driver, loved Sona who was a maid-servant of Shanti Bai-the owner of Shanti Guest House. One day a young man named Ashok, who had lost his purse containing rupees five hundred, met Murari at the Railway Station. Murari sympathised with him and drove him to Shanti Guest House. He requested Sona to arrange for Ashok’s accommodation and other affairs as he was penniless. 

 A Music Director named Sur Sagram was also residing there along with his assistant Mithoo. He had not paid rent for three months due to being out of work. Shanti Bai usurped his musical instruments and bade him and his assistant Mithoo to getaway. Sona paid the rent for her own pocket and got the room allotted to Ashok. Ashok took pity on Sur Sagram and Mithoo’s condition and told them that they could stay with him. Shanti Bai opposed this offer of Ashok and got infuriated with him but having come to know that Ashok was a lawyer she suppressed her rage.

Sona gave some money to Ashok to get the loss of his purse advertised. An innocent girl Asha had found the purse from the railway station. On seeing the advertisement she returned it to Ashok. Ashok paid Sona’s money and Sur Seagram's rent. He also paid Munish's rent who too was residing there and had not paid the rent to Shanti Bai. Ashok was thus left with twenty chips only. He roamed about in search of a job but could not get it anywhere. He was shocked to receive the sad news of his mother's death. Misfortune never comes alone. As Shanti Bai was angry with Ashok she demanded the rent and threatened him. Thus Ashok become desperate and went to pawn his watch at Seth Dhani Ram’s Shop. There he met Asha, who had also come there to pawn a ring. Having learnt that Asha’s mother was on death bed, Ashok accompanied Asha to her house and began to serve to her ailing mother. Asha’s mother could not survive and before her death, she gave Asha’s hand to Ashok. To arrange money for the funeral Ashok went to Seth Dhani Ram’s place to sell his pawned watch. Seth insulated him and in turn, Ashok slapped him who struck against the iron safe and died. Ashok made away with all the money contained in the Safe. Murari was arrested instead because Seth Dhani Ram’s dead body was recovered from his taxi. How the dead body was recovered from Murari’s taxi? Why Murari was accused of Seth’s murder? What happened to Ashok, Asha and Sona? Please see on the Silver Screen.


(From the official press booklet)   



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