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Maa Beta (1962)

  • GenreDrama, Crime
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time139 mins
  • Length4295.85 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-34956-MUM
  • Certificate Date20/03/1962

Bishan Sahai and Ganga Sahai, real brother are jointly residing in their fore-father’s Haveli. Instigated by Krishna, his wife, one day Bishan Sahai, on a very small pretence, asks his brother Ganga Sahai to make his own separate arrangements. The division is very unfair. Bishan Sahai keeps the Haveli for himself. An old dilapidated house comes to Ganga Sahai’s share. His wife, Rameshwari is educated. She makes her husband sel out the house and her ornamnets to start a cottage industry. God helps them. Ganga Sahai and Rameshwari now own a flourishing business and property . Bishan Sahai and Krishna become deadly jealous. With the help of rampiari their maid servant, they achieve what they wanted. Ganga Sahai becomes mad and meets his end. His widow Rameshwari gives birth to a male child in hospital. The child is stolen in the same night. Bishan Sahai is ofcourse responsible but the child lifted by Rampiari. Instead of throwing the child in river, as arranged, Rampiari takes the child to her daughter MUnia in a village. Munia is issue-less. She and her husband Bhudua are very happy to get the child. To avoid any likely complications regarding the child, they leave their village and migrate to Delhi.


Inspite of all efforts, the child remains untraced. To prove their all sympathies, Bishan Sahai and Krishna offer their only son Rajinder to Rameshwari. The poor widow appreciated this great sacrifice and accepts the offer. She does not understand Bishan Sahai’s cunning motive, who wants his son to become an heir to Rameshwari’s property one day.

As luck would have it, Munnia and Buduaget a job in Rameshwari’s bunglow. The child is one year old and named Keshor. Rameshwari becomes motherly fond of the servant’s son. She wants that Kesho should also get good education.


With the pace of time, Kesho and Rajinder grew up together. The latter can never tolerate Rameshwari’s kindness and affection towards Kesho. Rajinder’s hatred for Kesho is doubled when he sees that their class fellow Rita also cares more for Kesho.


After graduation, Kesho wants to somehow repay Rameshawari’s kindness. He thinks of a way! To search for her lost son! He cannot know why, but he is definite that Rameshawari’s son is alive. With Rita’s help, he started the search. He doesn’t know he is trying to find himself!

Did he succeed and how?

What sensational obstacles came his way?

Kindly see the film ‘MAA BETA’ yourself for the answers.


(From the official press booklet)



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