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Teesra Kaun (1965)

  • GenreDrama, Mystery
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3997.76 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-46296-MUM
  • Certificate Date16/12/1965

It was the wedding night of Prakash’s sister Renuka. The famous jeweller of the town Mukatlal had already arrived with the process, but there was no trace of Prakash. Prakash’s sister, mother and uncle were all waiting for Prakash. And at lash when they realised that the muhurat of marriage in passing away they brought Renuka to the pandal.

 At this moment Mukatlal’s servant Gopal rushed in with the news that jewels worth eight lakhs have been stolen from Makatlal’s safe and Prakash was one in the group of robbers. Who would marry a criminal’s sister? And paying no heed to the repeated requests of Prakash’s mother, the marriage procession returned back.

At midnight Praksh returned home himself from police but the cat was out of the bag. The prestige of the family and the happiness of his sister were already destroyed. Prakash came to him as a ray of hope and with the words that her uncle would explain the situation to Mukatlal as he was in close touch with him. She also assured of her best efforts to bring back the lost prestige of Prakash’s family, as well as Renuka’s happiness.

 At Shobhna’s request uncle Lala Bholaram met with Prakash. While they were talking in a room, all of a sudden lights were switched off by someone and at the very moment, a bang of a revolver fired echoed and followed by a terrific shriek.................. Mukatlal collapsed instantaneously and fond dead when the light was again on..........and strangely Prakash was missing.

In the police investigation, the situations and statement once again proved that Prakash was the man who fired of Mukatlal. Even though Lala Bholaram was still confident of the innocence of Prakash.

He was definite that there was someone else besides these two who fired that shot,... but who was else besides these two who fired shot....................but who was that third one????

Why and how rubble the jewels in a mystery you're tell invited to solve the screen  

(From the official press booklet)