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Tirangaa (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

"TIRANGAA" is the story of love, war and patriotism in which todays India is shown in its true colours.

Pralay Nath Gunda Swamy is a foreign agent who has sown the seeds of terrorism throughout the country. He wants a total destruction of the country followed by a foreign rule. The people who support his evil intentions are some corrupt ministers and police officers. Anyone who dares to raise his voice against them is automatically silenced.

After failing in all their efforts to stop this terror, the government appoints a brave and couragious military officer, Brigadier Surya Deo Singh to complete this mission. An equally brave and honest Police Officer Shivaji Rao Wagle joins hands with Surya Deo Singh to complete this mission. Together they attack and destroy Pralayanath's evil empire. But they are unaware of Pralayanath's ultimate weapon. The weapon that can destroy our entire motherland. What is this weapon? Does Pralayanath succeed in his evil intentions? Can Suryadeo Singh and Shivaji Rao Wagle save the country from this ultimate disaster? Will the glory and splendour of Tiranga be upheld? The answer to all these questions is "TIRANGAA."

(From the official press booklet)