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Veer Eklavya (1987)

  • LanguageHindi

Eklavya was born to Hiranyadhanya and Lalithamba by boon of Lord Eswara Eklavya used to dance before Lord Eswara daily to fulfil his ambition in life.
Gowri a niece in the village has been fixed in matrimony to Eklavya by his mother She went to her husband's samathi to announce the news. When Eklavya's father appears and informs that his son should learn `Divya Asthras' of using Bow and Arrow from Dronacharya of Hasthinapur before entering life. Eklavya's mother promises to make him a Veer to fulfil her husband's ambition. 

Eklavya goes to Hasthinapur Guru Dronacharya was teaching Pandavas and Kowravas in the arena. As an error committed by one of the students, the Elephant in the arena becomes wild. Eklavya who goes that side to meet Guru Dronacharya rescued them from the elephant's anger and controlled it by his valour Dronacharya appreciates Eklavya and blesses him.
Eklavya requests Dronacharya to teach him the lessons of using various methods of Bow and Arrow of `Divya Asthras' Arjuna objects to take Eklavya as student with them as he does not belong to `Rajavamsam' Eklavya returns with broken heart. 

Though Eklavya was not given the training by Guru Dronacharya, he learns Divya Asthras' by taking the vow of treating Dronacharya as his Guru. This vow and will made Eklavya to see Lord Eswara, who gave him the boon of learning with the help of Goddess Saraswathi. 

Eklavya learnt the entire art of 'Divya Asthras' by Divine power, which gives great shock to Pandavas. 
Arjuna becomes the enemy of Eklavya and he wants to take vengeance through his Guru Dronacharya since he doubts that Dronacharya has learnt the art without their knowledge. 

What happens then? How Dronacharya becomes a pawn in the hands of Arjuna? What harm has been done to Eklavya. ? See VEER EKLAVYA on the silver screen for the salvation and the Lesson Veer Eklavya teaches to the World.

(From the official press booklet)