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Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge (1986)

  • Release Date04/07/1986
  • GenreDrama, Romance
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time133 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan, Natraj, Vijay Vauhini (Madras), Prasad (Madras)& Chandivalii

‘Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge’ is a story of immortal love and sacrifice. 

Annapurna Devi is a very wealthy women – Usha is her only daughter who se emotions, desires – and wishes are encaged in Annapurna Devi’s golden cage.

Usha has a very dear friend Shobha. One day at shobha’s house she meets Anand and both Anand and usha fall deeply in love on the very first sight. Usha does not know that Shobha also loves Anand. Shobha finds Anand’s indifference - she plans and makes father agree to her marriage with Anand.

She reaches Anand’s house to break the good news but gets a rude shock to see Anand and Usha lost in the world of love. She controls her emotions and decides to sacrifice her love for dearest friend.

When Annapurna Devi comes to know about Usha’s love for Anand she plans and calls Shobha‘s father who in indebted by her favours and orders to send Anand (who works for him) for some days to the city. Shobha’s father agrees.

Annapurna Devi meets Shuklajee and tells and plans to marry Usha with his son. Shobha gets this shocking news. Usha is helpless. Anand in city.

Did Anand reach in time?

Whose love was successful?

Did Annapurna Devi’s plan work?

Answer to all these questions in our picture- PYAR KIYA HAI PYAR KARENGE.

(From the official press booklet)