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Yudh (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

This film us about the eternal “YUDH” which exists in every society between the upholder of the law and the breaker, the police force and the criminals.

A crime wave sweeps over Bombay City, the factory vans are shot at and the monthly payroll of the workers looted. The worst his is industrialist Mr.Dayal (Madan Puri).

He would have been liquidated if his friend the top industrialist of Bombay Mr. Chinay (Danny) had not taken him into partnership.

The deputy Commissioner of police, B.P. Saxena (Pran) selects Vikram (Jackie) a highly trained and intelligent Officer and puts him on the job. His assistant is Sawant (Devan). During his investigation, one day Vikram recuses Anita (Tina) from same hoodlums and they both fall in love. During their conversation Anita tells Vikram that she is also after the killer of the van Robbery case. Vikram’s search for the criminal leads him to Nafiza Khatoon’s Katha (Hema). Here he meets Nafiza’s lover and his prime suspect Moiudhdin Khan (Shatru) who was given the slip but Vikram finally arrests him.

Moiudhdin pleads innocence and blames Public Prosecutor Avinash (Anil) for the crime. But his accusations are baseless and lock proper evidence. Anita is also convinced that Avinash is the killer, she pretends to be in love with him and this makes Vikram very jealous.

One day Vikram is summoned by a dying man Rahim (Rakesh) who is his last moment states the fact that his friend Moiudhdin in innocent. The dying man’s declaration’s comes as a big jolt to Vikram, who takes a vow to get the guilty person. He reopens the Van robbery case and in a Television interview declares “YUDH” against the unknown criminal.

Who is the unknown criminal?
How does Vikram track him down? 
Why is Anita interested in the Van Robbery case?
Is the Public Prosecutor Avinash the real Culprit?
Does Moiudhdin get justice in the end?
All these questions plus plus the outcome of the “YUDH” between 
Vikram and the evil forces will be answered on the screen.

So wait and watch because seeing is believing. 

(From the official press booklet)