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Zahreelee (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Rekha, the only daughter of Pol ice Commissioner Khanna is deeply in love with Anand, the only son of his widowed mother, working as the manager of Seth Rajnaths' firm.

It was not only shocking, but sensational that the city's most famous and invaluable museum was looted by a notorious gang. Just as Commissioner Khanna spread the dragnet to bring to books the criminals, another sensational robbery took place. A very valuable Vault was lifted by the same gang from Seth Rajnath's house. The vault being a very complicated one-the gangsters conspired to kidnap Anand.

Days passed by, love of Anand and Rekha went on blossoming. Finally they decided to get married with the consent of their parents - never to separate. The hands of Fate played a very cruel game on these two lovers-the gang suddenly attacked Anand.

In the physical struggle that ensured with the gagsters-Anand lost his life. Rekha managed to escape, but the faces of the gangsters were impregnated in her mind; who had made her a widow - on the very wedding day.

The illuminated world of Rekha had plunged into darkness. Inspired by the "GEETA", she lusted for VENDETTA- and vowed with fury to avenge the killing of her innocent husband Anand.

It is said "Hell hath no fury worse than woman's anger " - Rekha now set out to fulfill her Oath and the gangsters found themselves i n distress and f ear started growing amongst them.

1.    How far was she successful in fulfilling her oath ?

2.    Could she fulfill her oath?

3.    How long was she able to keep herself away from the hands of Law ?

The answers to all these you find i n AMBA FI LMS' "ZAHREELEE".

(From the official press booklet)