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Zeenat (1945)

  • LanguageHindi

Mehruddin, a Mill owner chose "Zeenat", the daughter of a bookseller as the wife for his child Aftab. Zeenat was a believer of "Khuda" and in the principles of Islam. Aftab grew up and returned from abroad, very much impressed and influenced by latest scientific developments and did not believe in "Khuda" and in the principles of Islam. Zeenat did not want to marry a non-believer in Khuda and principles of Islam and so refused to marry Aftab. Zeenat then married Nisar, a workman, who was employed in the Mill of Aftab.  Nisar was a believer in Khuda.

Aftab, full of anger and jealousy, set about to prove that Khuda did not exist.  Aftab caused several troubles to Zeenat and she faced many difficulties with rare strength which comes from believing in Khuda. In desperation Aftab poisoned Nisar, who became dumb and whose face was disfigured. None of the doctors could make Nisar well with any kind of treatment.

Zeenat took Nisar to the Dargha Sharifs all over India. 

Did Nisar become alright ?

Did Zeenat accept that Khuda does not exist ? 

Did Aftab accept that Khuda exists ?

(From the official press booklet)