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A R Oza

  • Real Name: Amritlal R Oza
  • Died: 13 May, 1985 (Ahmedabad)
  • Primary Cinema: Gujarati

Singer A R Oza was active from the 1940s and 1950s, till the 1970s. He sang approximately 39 songs in 23 Hindi films, and many more in Gujarati. These include Pujari (1946), Dharti (1946), Bela (1947), Kaun Hamara (1947), Lakhon Mein Ek (1947), Pahali Pehchan (1947), Satyanarayan (1948), Pardesi Mehman (1948), Nanand Bhojai (1948), Gunsundari (1948), Bihari (1948), Bichhade Balam (1948), Narad Muni (1949), Bhool Bhulaiyan (1949), Nili (1950), Man Ka Meet (1950), Dasavtaar (1951), Rajrani Damayanti (1952), Waman Avatar (1955), Veer Rajputani (1955), Madhur Milan (1955), and Garma Garam (1957). He also acted in films like Bichhade Balam, in which he rendered two duets with Meena Kumari, namely Bol re bol mere pyare papihe, and Haseeno ko dil mein basana bura hai. 

Hailing from Gujarat, Amritlal R Oza joined Ranjit Studios where music directors such as Khemchand Prakash, Gyan Dutt and Bulo C Rani were on the payroll. He rendered his first song in Pujari (1946), which was a duet with Amirbai Karnataki. He was known to share very cordial relations with Bulo C Rani and Hansraj Behl, for whom he sang maximum songs. Simultaneously, he also rendered songs for Gujarati films, becoming very famous and popular. Some of these films include Gadano Bel (1950), Ame Nil Gagan Na Pankheroo (1979), Mulu Manek (1977) and Mena Gurjaree (1975).

Post retirement he settled in Ahmedabad. A R Oza passed away on 13 May, 1985.