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Ratan Chopra

  • Real Name: Abdul Jabbar Khan
  • Born: 1948 (Punjab)
  • Died: 12 June, 2020 (Punjab)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi
  • First film: Mome Ki Gudiya (1972)

Actor Ratan Chopra also known as Ravi Chopra, was born Abdul Jabbar Khan in 1948. He hailed from Punjab’s Maler Kotla. He won the United Producers Association contest for a film contract; other participants in the contest included Vinod Mehra and Sameer. Embracing the name Ratan Chopra, he featured in the lead in the Mohan Kumar directorial Mome Ki Gudiya (1972) opposite Tanuja

Ratan Chopra had apparently been offered many films after his hit debut; however, as his family was against him working as an actor, he shunned the offers. He chose to return to Punjab to teach English to school and college students. Among the films that he is said to have rejected were Loafer (1973), and Jugnu (1973), which were later offered to Dharmendra and became big hits. 

Battling cancer, Ratan Chopra passed away on 12 June, 2020 in Punjab. 

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