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S M Sriramulu Naidu

  • Primary Cinema: Tamil

S.m. Sriramulu naidu was a legend of  Tamil Cinema. Aryamala (1941) was his first  film as a co-director and became a big hit.  

He directed more than 20 films for nearly 20 years in Coimbatore. He made many  outstanding contributions to Tamil Cinema with socially purposeful films. He started Central Studios in 1936 at Coimbatore.

However, he parted with them in 1944, and started Pakshiraja Studios at Puliakulam in 1945.  One of the major ventures of Pakshiraja Studios was the  multi-lingual movie Malaikkallan in 6 languages it made  in the mid-50s, cutting across language and geographical  boundaries. The studio produced Malaikkallan, featuring  the star pair of MGR and Bhanumathi in Tamil, Aggiramudu  in Telugu (N.T. Rama Rao and Bhanumathi), Azaad in  Hindi (Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari), Thaskaraveeran in  Malayalam (Sathyan and Ragini), Bettadalli Kalla in Kannada  (Kalyan Kumar and Mynavathii) and Surasena in Sinhala.  He directed over 20 films and prominent among them  were: Aryamala (1941), Sivakavi (1943), Jagadalaprathapan  (1944), Kanika (1947), Pavalakodi (1949), Prasanna (1950),  Kanchana (1952), Desabhakthan (1952), Malaikallan (1954),  Aggi Ramudu (1954), Azaad (1955), Thaskaraveeran (1957),  Maragatham (1959), Vimala (1960), Sabarimalai Sri Ayyappan  (1962), and Kalyaniyin Kanavan (1963).