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Cinemaazi Studio | Biddu | Gautam Chintamani

09 Jun, 2020 | Cinemaazi Studio with Gautam Chintamani
Well-known for his work in India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Pakistan, the producer-composer Biddu Appaiah brought an international influence to his work that changed the course of Hindi film music. Hunted down by the perfectionist filmmaker Feroz Khan to write a club song, he composed the soundtrack for the 1980 Zeenat Aman starrer Qurbani, featuring the iconic Aap jaisa koi. Though he wrote the music for a few other films like Star (1982) and Goonj (1989), it was his wide-ranging work outside the world of cinema that defined the breadth of his career. From Euro-disco and funk to redefining Pakistani pop with Nazia Hassan’s music, Biddu has done it all. Join Gautam Chintamani in the Cinemaazi Studio as he explores the fascinating career of a man so dedicated to pop music that he travelled to England via a pilgrimage to meet his idols.
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