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26th January (1956)

  • Release Date1956
  • GenreU
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length655.32 metres
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-29047-MUM
  • Certificate Date31/12/1959
  • Shooting LocationModern Studios, Andheri

IN A LAND of simple, innocent, god people; a vast land, and bountful, there lived a beautiful girl named Bharti. She was the darling of the people. gifted by Nature with all the graces. There was a legend about her: that wherever she danced and sang, spring would set in, and that if she cried pearls would spring forth from her eyes instead of tears.

This creature of beauty and joy had given her heart to a handsome, well-built, young man Jana.

She spurned the love of Shani: who, in chagrin, sought the help of some foreigners and kidnapped Bharti.

They could not carry her away without a fight, of course. During the fight Jana was seriously wounded. The foreigners, governed by a Queen, appropriated Bharti to themselves instead of handing her over to Dhani. They wanted her themselves because they knew that whenever she danced and sang, spring would set in. Her people, when they learned that she had been kidnapped, went to a temple and prayed to God for help in getting her back. All of a sudden a Rishi appeared on the scene and undertook the responsibility of getting Bharti back for the people

The queen of the foreign country resorted even to violence in order to make Bharti dance. Much against her inclination, when Bharthi danced spring set in for the foreigners; on the other hand, Bharti's own land was ruined. Jana had been languishing for his beloved, and he swam across the channel to meet her; only to be arrested by the foreigners. He however cast a spell over the Queen, who fell in love with him. Since he was unwilling to submit to her, she tortured him. Bharti had to dance again and again to save Jana's life, and as a result her country was ruined furthermore.

Dhani had by now become a stooge of the Queen. One day the Queen conspired with Dhani, against Jana. Bharti was incapacitated for dancing as well as singing, so that she could not save Jana whom the Queen decided to put to death. He was cast, from the top of the Fort, into the sea. But fortunately he was saved. He returned again and again, to rescue his beloved, but without avail. Ultimately he was arrested again. This time he was thrown to the hungry lions. He however managed to save himself. The people of his country rose in revolt and a fierce fight raged. Jana and Bharti both were rescued. But it so happened that Bharti was again kidnapped by Dhani: from whom Jana had to rescue her again.

Another fierce fight was about to be waged when the Rishi who had awakeded the people for the first struggle, admonished the people against bloodshed. Asheel, a friend of Jana's, killed the Rishi. The last message of the Rishi was than followed by Jana, who snatched Bharti from Dhani's clutches. Dhani, chagrined, stabbed Bharti. Jana who thought Bharti was dead, dreamed about going to heaven in search of his beloved. There in a heaven a debate ensued between the war lords and the peace-loving people. Ultimately Jana got Bharati back.