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Ishq Par Zor Nahin (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

In the spacious bungalow of Mr. & Ms. Doraiswami, staying near the Goa beach and owning a number of iron ore mines and a shipping company, comes Sushama, the pretty daughter of Mr. Raj, a friend of Doraiswamy. By tacit understanding it is understood that Sushama will be one day married to Amar, the only son of the wealthy Doraiswamys.
But during the course of her journey, Sushama meets Ram, the rugged, poor friend of Amar who has come to Goa in search of a job with his friend Amar. A haunting song that brings Sushama and Ram together for first time sets off a searing drama of passion and love.
Sushama is engaged to Amar; on the day of the engagement, Amar introduces Ram to his fiancee. Sushama and Ram are stunned to meet each other; Ram cannot believe for a moment that the girl he loved is engaged to his best friend and employer, Amar.
The conflict between love and duty would have gone on for ever but Doraiswami precipitated the matters by discovering the affairs between his son's friend and his son's fiancee. He threatened Ram and, feeling guilty, Ram gave his word that Doraiswamy would never see him again.
Ram tried to commit suicide by intentionally driving his car into a tree and he would have died. But the strange, mysterious voice of a girl who tiptoed into his hospital room and begged him in a haunting song not to go away from this world miraculously brought him back to life. The girl was Sushama, but whether she was reality or a dream, no one knew for certain. Ram's wailing mother and anxious friend Amar heaved a sigh of relief when he regained consciousness
"ISHQ PAR ZOR NAHIN" is the sweeping, stormy tale of uncontrollable urges, magnificent passions and the sparks of love spread till they consumed everything one day in a terrifying conflagration.