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Vachan (1938)

  • Release Date19/08/1938
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU

In days gone by when men gave their lives to protect women and staked all for their word of honour, lived a maiden, Shyama. 
Heart-broken to see her sister die under the tyranny of a cruel husband, Shyama had made up her mind never to marry. 
Malati, an ideally married woman, in many gentle ways ceaselessly tried to change Shyama’s mind but Shyama, equally gently made fun of Malati’s efforts. 
There lived within the realm of a young man, Randhir, just out in the world and still under the care of his Guru. No one knew of him or his prowess in the manly arts of his day. 
In a neighbouring kingdom was one. Bhim Singh, renowned for his prowess and for his victories in famous tournaments. But he was of evil repute and was hated by all. 
They met at a tournament. To the surprise of all, the mighty Bhim Singh was vanquished. Mortified and vengeful, he challenged Randhir to mortal combat – Randhir was victorious. 
All acclaimed Randhir as the hero of heroes. 
Randhir won Shyama’s heart and Shyama his. 
But? The fates intervene. 
You will see Randhir fighting those whose idol he had become, staking even his love for Shyama who was dearer to him than life. 
You will see Shyama, in spite of her great love for Randhir, facing him sword in hand. 
The strange and absorbing tale of their love will be unfolded before you. 
Their union will touch your very heart strings. 

[from the official press booklet]