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Amar Jyoti/Immortal Flame (1936)

  • GenreHistorical, Drama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time166 min
  • Length4814.09 meters
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number98171 - Mumbai

Faced with patriarchal laws in an ancient seaport kingdom and denied the legal custody of her infant son Sudhir, Saudamini becomes a pirate declaring war on the state and especially on its tyrannical minister of justice, Durjaya. Her group captures the misogynist Durjaya, breaks his leg and leaves him chained in their hideout on an island. Saudamini attacks the royal ship again and burns it down, unknowingly taking Princess Nandini as hostage. A captive Durjaya declares his love for Nandini but she falls for a shepherd boy Sudhir, who turns out to be Saudamini’s long-lost son.

Saudamini explains the cruelty of the male dominated society to Nandini and advises her to join the pirate group and live a life of freedom. In order to do so, she tells her to find the strength to remove love from her heart and forego her dreams of Sudhir. Nandini agrees to do so, and joins the rebels in leaving the island.

Meanwhile, Durjaya convinces Sudhir to unchain him and pressures him into joining the royal army. Durjaya’s men capture Saudamini, while Nandini and her squad defeat the royal force and take Sudhir into custody. Saudamini manages to escape with the help of her advisor Shekhar and his daughter. The braveheart Saudamini melts the moment she realizes that Sudhir is her own son. Ultimately, Saudamini decides to leave everything to Nandini and sails away with Shekhar.