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Amchem Noxib / Our Luck (1963)

  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageKonkani
  • Length3258 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number438160 - Mumbai
  • Certificate Date10/04/1963

Young Dr. Monteiro of Panjim, Goa is on a professional visit to Bombay.When he is seated in a night-club one evening that he is attracted to Flavia, the night club’s beautiful crooner.But the call of duty interrupts the blissful dreams that the Doctor has  begun to dream. He leaves hurriedly, entrusting  his assistant Vales with finding out her identity. Vales’s attempts at doing so are hilarious and unsurprisingly unsuccessful.The days that follow find the Doctor and Vales in a frantic but futile search for the young Flavia. But unknown to them, Flavia, her contract with the nightclub over, has left for Goa.

Disconsolate, the young doctor returns to Goa. His cup of bitterness at having found and lost ‘the one and only’ girl brims over. Nor can Emma, who has always had a soft corner for the Doctor, soothe his aching heart. Meanwhile, Flavia is in Panjim visiting her uncle Senhor Baretto, who happens to be one of the Doctor’s patients. Unfortunately, he does not run into Flavia despite his visits to the sick man. The doctor is not alone in succumbing to Flavia’s charms. The young men of the village find in the sick Senhor Baretto a convenient excuse for visiting the family. But it is really Flavia who is the object of their attentions. These visits soon become a nuisance, and the family begins to introduce Flavia as a married woman.

Roberto, the Senhor’s son, finds this a very happy arrangement indeed, for he has also lost his heart to Flavia, and is now left without any rivals. Fate takes a hand in the turn of events. The Doctor finally finds Flavia and the days that follow are filled with rapture and unalloyed bliss. But not for long! For Roberto and Emma now join hands in scheming to separate the two lovers. It is through their doing that Flavia’s earlier, innocent masquerade as a married lady assumes an unsavoury colour. The doctor misunderstands Flavia’s intentions and their budding romance is shattered.

But then, just as it appears that Flavia is about to walk out of the doctor’s lifeforever, Cupid effects a happy reconciliation.The tangled skein of misunderstandings is unravelled and the sundered hearts are united.