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Apmaan Ki Aag (1990)

  • Release Date21/12/1990
  • GenreAction, Comedy, Crime
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time144 mins
  • Number of Reels18 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU/V
  • Censor Certificate NumberVFL/1/294/2008- CHEN
  • Certificate Date01/08/2008
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan Studios, Filmcity, Yermes Villa, Bhallas Bunglow Etc. Furance & Foundry Equipment

Vikrant Narain Singh, is a youth staying and working in a metropoly far away from his mother. Vikrant, inspite of his poverty is a self dependent and because of this quality he is liked and adored by each and every one including his Boss. Mona is the only person in his life who is very much intimate to him and also his sweetheart. Both Vikrant and Mona have built several dream castles of their future life, but indeed, it is well said that "Man proposes and God disposes."

The city police commissioner's son and the notorious city smuggler's son are very good friends. Both of them are characterless and believe in only alcoholism and goondaism.

One day when Vikrant brings Mona to a five star hotel to celebrate her birthday, they enter into a confrontation with these two goondas viz. J.D. the city police commissioner's son and Monty, the city smuggler's son and as expected, Vikrant is beaten very brutally by J.D. and Monty and their fellow hulligans. From here, Vikrant, thus very much humiliated goes to the police station to lodge a complaint against J.D. and Monty but here again the two corrupt police inspectors beat Vikrant black and blue in the lock up as desired by J.D. and Monty.

The police inspectors come to know that the police commissioner is expected at the police station for inspection and rounds, both get worried and phone Nagpal as to what should be done now? The boss, Nagpal, suggests the two inspectors to release Vikrant after some time and he will see that thereafter Vikrant won't be in a position ever after to lodge a complaint with the police commissioner or with any other police station.

Now Vikrant is very badly squeezed from both the sides i.e. from one side the law makers and from other side the law breakers.

Hereafter what happened of Vikrant?
Can a simple middle class youth survive in this lawless society?
How long did Vikrant and Mona's love story go?
Was Vikrant finally able to avenge the insults and humiliations?
If he did how?


(From the official press booklet)