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Betaab (1952)

  • Release Date1952
  • GenreRomance, Drama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationEastern Studios (Worli)

These days many ayoung man wish to marry some wealthy girl in order to fulfil the dreams nourished by them in the prime of their youth. But the hero of our story, KIshore, was quite different. Although in his childhood he was engaged to a wealthy girl, his self respect did not allow him to fulfil the engagement unless he did not stand on his own. On the contrary his bossom friend Mohan had no botheration in life except seeking a wife. Though he had inherited quite a good fortune from his father, yet nobody was prepared to give him the hand of his daughter unless he did not prove himself compeent enough to ean on his own as the fortune ingerited from forefathers is no gurantee. 

"Betaab" is a story of these two friends. How Kishore struggled to be married to his fiancee Rajni-did Rajni like the attitude adopted by Kishore in connection with their marriage - how Rajni's college friends and lover Pran tried to get her and exploited a beautiful dancer Kiran for this purpose- wwhat thorny path Mohan had to tread upon to fulfil one and only wish of getting a wife- and in the end whether Kishore and Mohan succeed in their efforts or not? - "Betaab" replies to all these questions!

"Betaab" is a story of two friends having different views on marriage. LIkde all the realities of life, the pattern of this story is also made of cheersa and jeers, tears and laughter. If provides a lesson worth remembering to young and old alike.


(Frrom the official press booklet)