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Surya Kumar

  • Real Name: Robert
  • Born: 14 December, 1924 (Bombay)
  • Died: 18 September, 1987 (Bombay)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi

Surya Kumar was a trained dancer and popular choreographer, who worked along with his brother Krishna Kumar as a team until the latter’s death, post which he went on to work solo. His filmography includes numerous films such as Albela (1951), The Savage Princess (1952), Aan (1952), Jeevan Jyoti (1953), Nagin (1954), Lagan (1955), Milap (1955), Mr and Mrs 55 (1955), Pyaasa (1957), Nau Do Gyarah (1957), Howrah Bridge (1958), Yahudi (1958), Kala Bazaar (1960), China Town (1962), Ustadon Ke Ustad (1963), Bluff Master (1963), Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963), Gumnaam (1965), Wahan Ke Log (1967), Upkar (1967), Aradhana (1969), Purab Aur Paschim (1970), Kati Patang (1970), Yaadgar (1970), Amar Prem (1971), Gambler (1971), Hulchul (1971), Manchali (1973), Faasla (1974), Faraar (1975), Ram Bharose (1977) and many more up until Jungle Ki Beti (1988). He choreographed dance sequences across a range of genres including musical, romance, melodrama, action, thriller, and dacoit films. 

Born on 14 December, 1924, he was earlier known by the name Robert, while his brother Krishna Kumar was Tony. He was trained in dance by Madam Azurie (Anna Marie Gueizelor), who was a trained dancer in ballet and classical forms of dance. As the demand for dance numbers in films grew, Surya Kumar started off as a choreographer along with his brother. He choreographed several early Helen numbers or Cuckoo numbers, such as the song Dil se dil takraye from Love Marriage (1959) picturised on Helen. Surya Kumar also trained dancers and other dance choreographers such as Satyanarayan, Badriprasad and Oscar

Surya Kumar passed away on 18 September, 1987 in Bombay. 

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