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Brahma (1994)

  • Release Date1994
  • GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time152 mins
  • Length4439.95 meters
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number91126
  • Certificate Date18/07/1994
  • Shooting LocationAVM Studio (Madras), Vijay-Vahuni (Madras), Mehboob Studio (Bombay), Ooty, Hugnekal

An orphan since his childhood, Sooraj grows up to become an artist with a rare and God-gifted talent. His talent lies in sketching a perfect present picture of anyone based on any photograph taken many years back. With the help of his premonistic talent, the police successfully nab a dreaded terrorist Goga who had escaped from jail about 14 years back. Sooraj's talent gets him national importance.

One day, Sooraj is approached by a Zamindar Janakraj with a photograph of a four-year old girl Asha who was lost 14 years back. Before he could sketch the present day picture of 18 year old Asha, Sooraj is caulioned by the maid servant that the Zamindar had murdered the girl's father and now the Zamindar wants to eliminate Asha with the evil intention of asurping the property left by the girls' father.

Sooraj sketches the portrait of his dead wife Chanda, instead of Asha.

In the meanwhile, terrorist Goga escapes from jail. He is deputed by Zamindar Janakraj to trace out Asha on the basis of Sooraj's sketch.

But Sooraj traces Asha and reveals Zamindar's plan. When Asha comes to know of Sooraj's noble intention, she falls in love with Sooraj. But Sooraj does not respond to Asha's love...

Does Sooraj reject Asha?
Does Goga succeed in finding out Asha?
And does Zamindar Janakraj succeed in his diabolical plan?
Does Goga take revenge on Sooraj for helping the police in re-arresting him?

The answers to the above culminate in an unpredictably engrossing drama in "BRAHMA".

(From the official press booklets)



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