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Choron Ka Chor (1970)

  • Release Date1970
  • FormatBlack & White
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-60698-MUM
  • Certificate Date05/05/1970
  • Shooting LocationMohan Studios, RK Studios

Ashok was a self-styled custodian of law. He helped the poor and was a sworn enemy of the anti-national elements like smugglers and black-marketers. With the help of his side-kicks Lakkhan and Makkhan, busted many rackets of Madan, the ace smuggler. Several times he got into the liar of Madan taught them a lesson and got out unrecognised. He was also a regular informant of the police. The police knew him as "choron ka chor". Madan was also in a quandry about his identity. He and his henchmen were on the lookout for "Choron Ka Chor" and one day Madan discovered to his surprise that it was not other than Ashok.

Ashok in private life lived like a respectable citizen and was in love with Roopa, a poor girl. Madan kidnapped Roopa in the hope of trapping Ashok. Ashok was, however, too clever for those crooks. He managed to free Roopa from their clutches.

Roopa once got her-self in an accident and lost her eye-sight. The doctors opined that an operation could make her see again and the cost would be Fifteen Thousand rupees. Ashok went to One seth Dhaniram and asked a loan. He refused to oblige him. Ashok used force. It was a golden opportunity for Madan's gang to frame Ashok. They shot Dhaniram. Ashok now had murder rap on him.

Was the real murderer brought to book? Did Roopa get her eye-sight back? Could Ashok succeed in bursting the entire smuggling racket?

These corny questions will not be answered unless you see "Choron Ka Chor" from the beginning to end.

(From the official press booklet)



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