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Dharti Mata (1976)

  • LanguageGujarati

    Narayan, the son of the soil, a farmer in the village, toiled & toiled but could not free himself from the clutches of the money lender jaggu seth, inspite of good harvest.
    Atlast, disappointed & dishearted Narayan with his wife laxmi & two sons ram & laxman lift started for the city. There they labour hard to save enough money to free their mortgaged land from jagguseth. Man proposes & god disposes. Narayan met with a fatal accident leaving laxmi & two children orphan helpless. Lonely & without means.
    Laxmi returned to village, worked hard & settled down with aim of bringing up & educating her sons.
    Time marches on. Ram grows up to be a carefree, dare-devil farmer and laxman grows up to be a quiet, studious man in love with his childhood playmate sona love blossoms with the help of ramu. Duty comes first & laxman leaves for further education.
    Meanwhile. Coming to know of the conspiracy against him by jaggu seth & his son chiman, ramu murders jaggu seth. This changes ramu’s life & he becomes a decoit. In his frustration period he meets a gypsy girl bijli who consoles & ultimately sacrifices her life for him.
    On the other hand, laxman returns to village as a pitiee inspector & is shocked by the sad happenings.
    Ultimately he has to face conflict arising from the love for his brother, the love for his mother, his love for sona & above all his love for duty. Law & justice.
    Who wins in this conflict?? The screen only will reveal.