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Do Shatru (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

Raja the rebel takes an oath that he would get the legitimate rights of the poor cultivators, who ploughed the land from the unlawful possession of Raj Kumari, the princess of the state.

Rajkumari, the princess vows to avenge the death of her father Raja Pratap Singh, who had been murdered by the rebel Raja. She further swears that she will not touch a grain, till she kills Raja and apply 'TILAK' on her forehead with his blood.

Both the enemies in guest of each other met in a Dak Bungalow, disguised as hunters, in a very pleasant and romantic atmosphere and ultimately fall in love without knowing the identity of each other.

Karan Singh, the superintendent police takes upon himself the responsibility of capturing Raja dead or alive, without knowing that was his own blood.

It would not be out of place to mention here, that Savitri the wife of S.P. Karansingh, had been kidnapped by the rebels about twenty years ago and she gave birth to Raja, the real blood of S.P. Karansingh.

Raja gets blood thirsty when he comes to know the oath of S.P. Karansingh but mother Savitri intervenes and pleads that making a woman a widow is an unpardonable act in our culture.

Why Savitri cannot meet Karansingh? 

What will happen when Karansingh comes to know that Raja is his own son?

When Rajkumari comes to know that Raja and Shikari is the same guy could she fulfill her oath?

When Raja would come to know that Raj Kumari, whom he loved so madly was noneelas than his own oath?

Could he fulfill his oath?

See in Kewal Art Productions'  "DO SHATRU".

(From the official press booklet)