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Dost Aur Dushman (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

A creation can trap the creator. An Indian Scientist Prof. Mehra invented a scientific appliance to control the nature. But before this invention could be made to good use of our country, some enemy force launched a massive action to retrieve it. In process they kidnapped Prof. Mehra and got away with half of the formula. They were vastly helped by their right hand man John, who looked very much like the butler, Harikishan, of the Prof. This action sparks our National Security officers into action and Raj, a master secret agent is assigned. Raj, in order to trace the history of the Prof. meets with a girl, Dolly, and takes her up as Prof. Mehra's daughter.

There the real daughter, Rekha, retaliates and puts her butler Harikishan in the joint of gangsters as John. Hari faces with hell of difficulties in becoming the imposter, by way of the Cabret dancer and fiancee of late John and a miraculous child prodigy, Khalifa, who is a proved lethal child. The enemy camp is also alerted by the appearance of Raj. Many attempts are made to kill Raj, but he managed to get out of the troubled water somehow.

When the situation reaches the boiling point, the enemies kidnap Rekha also, to force the professor to reveal the remaining formula. They put Rekha to slow death in front of the father, i.e. Professor. Can a father see his own daughter being killed like this?  Can a father sacrifice his country to save his daughter?

Who was Dolly?

Who was the child gangster Khalifa?

What happened to Hari the butler, who was imposter?

Prepare yourself for many pleasant and bewildering surprises in our colourful musical suspense thriller "DOST AUR DUSHMAN".

(From the official press booklet)