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Duniya Gol Hai (1955)

  • Release Date1955
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationFamous Cine Labs & Studios Ltd, Mahalakshmi

                                        WITH APOLOGIES

(If you haven't studied Geography, please don't waste your time reading this.)

About five centuries back Galileo said for the first time that the Earth is round. He was put to death. But to-day the entire world believes him. The earth is round.

They teach in Geography classes that the Earth is round. They also teach that the earth is round because:- 

  1. When in the distance a ship is sailing towards the shore first its sails come into view, then its middle part and then last of all its lower part.
  2. At the time of lunar eclipse, the shadow of the earth falling on the moon is always round.
  3. The horizon, where the Earth and the Sky appear to meet is round.
  4. At sunrise, the full sun comes into view gradually and not instantaneously.

All these facts prove that the Earth is round.

For years now they have been teaching this. But the present age is the age of speed and progress. New changes are taking shape every moment. The maps of the countries are changing; the colours in those maps are changing. All facades of life have changed. Man himself has changed. It's time therefore that the subject matter of the books change; the way of presenting the subject matter changes.

With this aim in view, a new proof of the roundness of the Earth is being presented before you and it is the picture "DUNIYA GOL HAI".

Galileo might have suffered death in vain.

Geography lectures might have failed to convince you.

But after seeing "DUNIYA GOL HAI" you will firmly believe and preach that the EARTH IS ROUND.

(From the official press booklet)



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