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Ehsan (1970)

  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationMohan Studios, Filmalaya Studios

 Loss of our many secret agents in various countries perturbed the C.B.I. Chief Mohanlal. He, therefore, decided to remove the records of our spies from the main office to the unbreakable safe of the branch office and he asked Mr. Pontics to accomplish the task. Some persons belonging to an anti-national gang try to take control of the documents, police help is sought but none could be arrested because Raja, an expert safe-breaker, who was busy at that time in committing a theft in a nearby building, is mixed up in the scuffle.

The BOSS of the gang wants Raja to join his gang. He asks Rita to lure Raja in their group. Raja refuses but is cleverly trapped by the Hotel Manager and Raja finally agrees to work for them. He is asked to make love to Shalini, the daughter of Mohanlal.  

But the game of artificial love turns into a real passionate love between them. His heart is awakened and he decides to change his mode of life. During this period, he once saves the hotel cabret dancer Neena from the clutches of the Manager and accidentally meets his mother and sister whom he had lost in the childhood. He tries to remember his Father. But alas! Where was he?

The BOSS manages for the marriage of Raja and Shalini. He now orders Raja to break open the safe in Mohanlal's house and steal the records. Raja refuses as he has changed his mode of life. He is threatened with not only the ruin of his love but also the murder of Mohanlal, Shalini and her brother Boby. Raja helplessly agrees. The Boss orders his assistant to kill Raja as soon as he comes out with the records. The assistant, Param Kumar, had his ,own designs of vengence on the Boss and did not kill Raja and thus Raja is successful in hiding the records. In the engagement party of Raja and Shalini, Raja had to leave disgracefully as he is exposed to be a thief. In the confusion that followed, the Boss managed to kidnap Boby, the son of Mohanlal and demanded the records as the price. Mohanlal refuses to surrender even at the cost of his own son. But when he checks the safe, he finds the records missing. Mohanlal did not want the records to reach the enemies at any cost. Did he succeed in that? Who was the Boss? Could Shalini save the life of her dear brother? Could Raja regain the love of his beloved? What was Raja's supreme sacrifice for the Nation? All these questions can be answered on the silver screen only.



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