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Ek Paheli (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

  D'Silva's Shop was famous all over Goa for its curios auction. One day a Piano was being auctioned. Julie was about to get it by bidding the highest, when Subir reached there with his secretary Rockey and raised the bidding to the highest and bought the piano.
   When Subir came out of D'Silva's shop a girl met him and congratulated him for buying the piano and told him that a reed of the piano was not working well and he should get it repaired by an experienced person. But Subir felt that since she knew so much about the Piano why should not she repair it and requested her--she happily agreed.
   After repairing the reed, she started playing upon the piano, when the sound of foot steps were heard. Subir rushed to the door. The visitor was his secretary Rockey. But when Subir came back in the room, there was no trace of the girl. 
  After some days Subir threw a house warming party. Julie-was amongst the guests. Subir requested her to play the piano to entertain the guests and with the first stroke of the music there started a thunder storm outside and the lights went off----in the light of the candles it was seen----Julie was lying dead on the piano. 
Shankar Lal an old pal of Subir's father tried to cash on this incident by giving it a different colour----because he was after Subir's properties.
   Subir was coming out of the cemetry after the burial of Julie when the same girl met him. But this time she was in mourning dress. 'Was Julie related to you?' asked Subir. " Life and death are related to each other Mr. Subir " replied the girl and rushed into the cemetry.
   The clock struck 3 O'Clock in the night. Subir got up hearing the sound of piano. He rushed to the drawing room and saw the same girl playing upon the piano and singing. Subir was dumb struck----the girl was talking to him as if she was his life long partner since ages. 
  She told her name as Maria. Subir felt the need for light and after switching on the light he turned and saw, there was no trace of the girl. 
  On one hand Maria became a puzzle in Subir's life and on the other Shankar Lal was trying to hook Subir for his properties by any means. But Shankar Lal got trapped in his own net. 
  THEN Who was Maria? Why she used to meet Subir off and on? Was she in love with him? If so then why she used to run away? Why?? Why??? 
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