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Girl Friend (1960)

  • Release Date1960
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi

What is more natural than to fall in love with the girl next door? The games of childhood - the awkwardness of adolescence - and the full bloom of youth - all these go round full cycle when you have grown up together, and when you have lived next door to each other. One step further, and you are madly in love - with your girl friend, with the girl next door of course.

So why should anyone try and find fault with young Shyam merely for the crime of falling in love with his pretty neighbour, Meera?  He was young and gay - she beautiful and gentle. He was on the threshold of a scentific career - - she was still not out of school. He was the nephew of land - owning Rai Saheb - - she the daughter of humble Shankerlal. Indeed, their story had all the making of a fairy tale romance, such as all the young in heart yearn for !

Yet events twisted and turned in many a strange way, and in between the romancing neighbours grew and impregnable barrier, for more impassible than the strongest brick wall. Basically, there was the feud between neighbours, Rai Saheb and Shankerlal. To add fuel to the fire, there arrived upon the scene Rai Saheb's sister with her obnoxious son, Nandu. The cadaverous youngman immediately cast covetous eyes upon the innocent Meera, and these unexpected romantic developments added to the existing tension between Rai Saheb and Shankerlal. Shyam's hope of winning the girl he loved seemed further away than ever.

But when you are in love with the girl next door, and your girl friend is as beautiful as Meera, obstacles only tend to make life and love more interesting. And when you have a story so absorbing, so engrossing, so endearing as "GIRL FRIEND", you are guaranteed the greatest entertainment experience of a life time.

[From the official press booklet]