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Jalte Deep (1950)

  • LanguageHindi

Seth Murarilal has two sons Rajan and Prem and a daughter Baby Nimo. Rajan is a Police Inspector and Prem is a student in B.A.  Rajan is married with Asha and Prem is betrothed with Kamla.
Seth Murarilal's family is  a most happy unite except Raja's wife Asha. Asha is an educated adn a naughty woman and feels that her husband is more obedient and dutiful to his parents and is not to the mark to which she desires him to be. She picks up a quarrel every now and then and thus mars the happiness of the house.
Prem after passing B.A. marries Kamla and is put in charge of the business. Kamla who is highly educated and up-to-date understands and realises the responsibilities of the married woman and that of the house. Prem, a young and a rash boy who dreamt that after marriage he would carry 100% more romance with Kamla than what he was having with her in betrothal period, is awfully surprised to see a change in Kamla and is totally dissatisfied with her.
The feelings at home are that Rajan envies that he should have a wife like Chhoti Bhabi and Prem envies that his wife should have been like Bari Bhabi.
Davali comes in. Gay and mirth is alround. Rajan returns home and finds that his wife Asha is beating Baby Nimo. Rajan persuades Asha that she should have been more sensible on such an auspicious day. But Asha is not silent and goes on beating the baby. Rajan loses his temper and starts breaking JALTE-DEEPS which were lit on that day. Seth Murarilal sees it from the balcony, shouts to his son to stop that, and in that excitement his foot slips, and he falls down and dies.
Villain Doulat, a friend of Prem spoils and exploits Prem. Prem who is dissatisfied with his wife falls an easy prey of the dancing girl Usha. Kannyalal, the Munimji of the Firm with his sons Kalu and Lalu and galaxy of five more sons, tries his best to save the family from destruction but the firm goes into insolvency.
Prem leaves the house and stays with the dancing girl. Asha leaves the house and stays at her father's house. Rajan, along with his mother, Chhoti Bhabi and Baby Nimo pass a very sorrowful life. Pem is charged with the murder of the dancing girl Usha, and Rajan is an investigating officer in that case and he arrests his brother. For Rajan-on one side is the duty of service and on the other the love of a younger brother and moreover a brother who is the husband of Chhoti Bhabi, whom he loves, likes and regards the most.
What happened to Prem? Could Asha change herself and return home? Did happiness come to the house of misery? These are the wonderful lovely secrets that only the screen will be able to exhibit to you in full.