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Nazim Panipati

  • Born: 1920 (Lahore)
  • Died: 18 June, 1998 (Lahore)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi
  • First film: Zamindar (1942)

Achieving popularity for his work in films like Zamane Ki Hawa (1952), Gul Sanobar (1953) and Danka (1954), lyricist and film scriptwriter Nazim Panipati worked in both the Indian and Pakistani film industries during the 40s and 50s. Penning no less than 200 songs in the course of his career, he wrote in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi languages. The first song that Lata Mangeshkar recorded in her career was penned by Nazim, namely Dil mera tora, mujhe kahin ka na chora tere pyar ne, which achieved popularity across the country. 

Born in 1920 in the cultural hub of Lahore, and brother of filmmaker Mohammad Walli, also known as Walli Sahib, Nazim Panipati’s career as lyricist started off with Zamindar (1942). It was followed by Sahara (1943), Naukar (1943), Shirin Farhad (1945), Ragni (1945), Jag Biti (1946), Sham Savera (1946), Mitti (1947), Doli (1947), Majboor (1948), Heer Ranjha (1948), Naach (1949), Roomal (1949), Ladli (1949), Sheesh Mahal (1950), Beewee (1950), Jalte Deep (1950), Actor (1951), Shisham (1952), Zamane Ki Hawa (1952), Gul Sanobar (1953) and Danka (1954). 

Some of his notable songs include Dilli ki galiyon mein from Doli (1947), Hamhain dukhiya is duniya mein from Jag Biti (1946), Merii mitti ki duniya nirali from Sham Savera (1946), Dil mera tora from Majboor (1948), Suno suno kaise kah doon bajariyaa ke beech from Ladli (1949), Wo akhiyan mila kar chale gaye from Roomal (1949), Aai hai diiwaalii sakhi aai sakhi aai re from Sheesh Mahal (1950), Aahen tadap rahi hain from Lakht-e-Jigar (1956), and Chanda ki nagri se aaja ri nindiya, a popular 'lori' song from Lakht-e-Jigar (1956).

Nazim Panipati was also known to have had a keen eye in spotting talent. Back in 1939, he, along with his filmmaker brother Walli Sahib, apparently spotted Pran (born Pran Krishan Sikand) at a shop in Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore, and convinced him to try his luck at films. Walli Sahib went on to offer Pran the chance to act in his film Yamla Jat (1940). Nazim also helped polish Pran’s Punjabi language skills, and the latter went on to achieve stardom. Nazim Panipati also played a role in introducing Vyjayanthimala, who hailed from South India. He also taught her Urdu for films. Panipati also had a hand in introducing Johnny Walker and Helen to the Indian film industry.

Migrating to Pakistan in 1953, he wrote the lyrics for his first Pakistani film Guddi Gudda (1956), which was produced and directed by his brother Walli Sahib. By the mid-1960s, he went on to join Pakistan Television Corporation, writing songs for a musical programme called Jhankar. Nazim Panipati passed away on 18 June, 1998 in Lahore, Pakistan. 

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