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Jalti Nishani (1957)

  • Release Date1957
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationM&T and Mohan Studio

Jalti Nishani: a terror... and Bandit who wanted to become the King of Paristan-

King: The most grieved man on fairy land pining for his long lost daughter.

Vazir: a shrewd and cunning man, practically the Kin of Paristan.

Naznin: a mysterious beauty...always hunting for wealth.

Sitara: A beautiful slave dancer...the object of Vazir's life.

Saudagar: an Indian trader who had come to Paristan for selling his merchandise and valuables, but luck puts him on some other track. He loses his heart, and wins Sitara's in the very first meeting on opposite aspect where-in he faces the attack of Jalti Nishani, & succeeds in arresting one of the assailants. This act of bravery impresses the King who takes him in confidence to solve his personal problems. This fast progress of Saudagar in romance and in the rule makes Vazir his deadly enemy. But luck and love have their own way. Inspite of all hurdles and hindrances Saudagar and Sitara decided to marry. The Barat of Sitara reaches the house of Saudagar, but Naznin was the bride. Naznin becomes the legal wife of saudagar. She also establishes herself the lost princess of paristan by stealing away the token... one earring the princess was wearing when she was lost in the Malee. following the attack of some robbers-this contemptuous defeat makes Vazir revengeful. He compels Sitara to give poison to Naznin while dancing in the festivity on princess's return. This plan even proves futile, as Naznin saves herself and Sitara manages to run away with Saudagar who had come in the disguise of ustad Barood the Indian musician. King calls Vazir to his chamber for explanation, but at the same moment Jalti Nishani kidnaps the King and Naznin.

Saudagar comes back to release the King and Naznin but he is arrested.

The Vazir who has become the king by this time gets Sitara arrested and orders her to be burnt at stake-orders are carried bout but

Was Sitara burnt to ashes?
What happened to King and Naznin?
Who was the real princess?
Who was Jalti Nishani?

The silver screen will reply you in detail.

[From the official press booklet]



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