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Joru Ka Bhai (1955)

  • Release Date1955
  • GenreComedy
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationJagriti and M&T Studios

As the Assembly elections were fast approaching, there was a great commotion in Dana Pani Party to elect a leader and candidate of the party. After a long discussion, Chowdhary Ramchand, a clerk was chosen the leader and the candidate of the party. Surely, after this he could not continue to be a mere clerk. But when next day he went to the office with a resignation in his pocket, he found to his surprise that 'the boss' had offered him the post of the Manager as the Manager had died on previous day without intimation.

Now but for the secret meetings of his sister with Kanhaya, son of the Seth who was standing as a rival candidate, there was nothing to worry Ramchand. Fate was very kind to him until arrival of his wife's brother.

Now he felt that Fate was playing a cruel joke with him. For though Murlidhar who played trambone had come just for holiday. Ramchand found that his brother-in-law's holiday would never end. Murlidhar did not have any reservation of formality of a guest; he made Chowdhary's house his own and used his things as if they belonged to himself so much so, that once when he needed money he had no compuction to sell Chowdhary's by-cycle for five rupees ! And as if all this was not enough, he helped Chowdhary's sister and her lover Kanhaya, in their secret meetings.

But the climax came when Murlidhar went to Chowdhary's office and robbed him of five thousand rupees. Just when two children had been born to Chowdhary's wife and the event was being celebrated with great joy this incident occurred endangering Chowdhary's job as well as leadership. Chowdhary knew the thief; but how could he catch him ? He wished that Murlidhar would return the money and the whole affair would be hushed.

But Murlidhar had different plans. Now he was anxious to go away; and Chowdhary had to use all possible tricks to stop him from going and to make him confess his crime. When the tricks failed, he took him to see a magician's hand. The magician hypnotised not only Murlidhar but Chowdhary Ramchand and Urmila, Seth and his son Kanhaya and other people as well. There was commotion in the city as under the influence of magic these crazy people wandered into the streets.

At last normal conditions were restored and Murlidhar admitted his theft. He was sent to jail but Ramchand had to take care of Murlidhar's family comprising his wife, six children and his wife brother "JORU KA BHAI" !

[From the official press booklet]



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